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Why the IBM FlashSystem Family is Designed for the Future

These days, to achieve acceptable levels of insight and accuracy, analytics and AI applications are consuming enormous amounts of datai. Managing, moving, and storing large data volumes with great efficiency and enough performance to derive maximum value from data assets requires a modern IT infrastructure with wide-ranging capabilities, from intelligent system optimization and powerful data reduction, through comprehensive security and encryption features, multicloud sharing and access, and, of course, ultra-low-latency flash storage.  

Designed for the Future 

The new IBM FlashSystem family is designed to support the future of your business. IBM has made storage simple with the new FlashSystem family by meeting the full range of enterprise storage needs from entry to high-end systems that extend to your hybrid multicloud storage deployments without increasing cost and complexity. All based on a common storage software platform, IBM Spectrum Virtualize (link to 4 Key Benefits of IBM Spectrum Virtualize blog), that works seamlessly across all deployment types and also supports your existing storage estate, whether the storage is from IBM or many other vendors to efficiently meet the challenges of rapid data growth and constrained IT budgets.  

With IBM Spectrum Virtualize software, the IBM FlashSystem family is an industry-leading storage solution that includes technologies that complement and enhance virtual environments to achieve a simpler, more scalable and cost-efficient IT infrastructure. As the pace of innovation continues to accelerate, the FlashSystem family offers integration points to accommodate dynamic needs and specific business priorities. Available in a wide range of storage solutions, the FlashSystem family delivers sophisticated capabilities that are easy to deploy, yet also help control costs for growing businesses.  

Benefit from Award-Winning Capabilities 

Designed to deliver comprehensive capabilities for storage efficiency, the FlashSystem family enables users to dedicate fewer of their scarce resources to IT infrastructure and more to implementing new applications to support the business. This is possible through the innovative built-in capabilities of FlashSystem systems, which allow users to: 

  • Get faster insights with NVMe acceleration. Significantly improve performance with end-to-end NVMe flash solutions. 
  • Lower the cost of cloud infrastructure via data reduction technologies. Store up to five times data in the same spaceii using powerful data reduction pools (DRP) technology. 
  • Optimize tiered storage – including flash storage – with IBM Easy Tier. Deploy flash storage cost-effectively and optimize data placement among different tiers of storage, helping maximize performance while limiting costs of multi-tier systems. 
  • Achieve effortless data move leveraging AI. Move data and applications nondisruptively between data centers with IBM HyperSwap. 
  • Embrace and enhance more than 500 heterogeneous storage systems. Support hundreds of external, heterogeneous storage systems from a wide variety of vendors. 
  • Implement hybrid cloud capabilities rapidly and with existing on-premises storage. Hybrid multicloud capability across IBM cloud and AWS. 
  • Address security needs by encrypting data on existing storage. Benefit from integration with modern data protection tools, cyber-resiliency capability such as encryption and cloud “air gap” snapshots. 
  • Leverage AI to optimize configurations and streamline issue resolution. Cloud-based AI-driven proactive predications, supporting IBM and non-IBM storage.  
  • Complement server virtualization with technologies such as IBM PowerVM, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, Kubernetes, and Docker. 
  • Benefit from the option to use large capacity IBM FlashCore modules (FCM) with inline-hardware compression, data protection, and innovative flash management features; industry standard NVMe drives; or Storage Class Memory (SCM) drives. 
  • Improve your business agility with enterprise-class storage capacity. Scale seamlessly, get higher flexibility and protect your investment. 

AI-Powered Storage Visibility, Insight, and Control 

IBM Storage Insights is Cloud-based, AI-driven, storage analytics, and integrated proactive support platform that delivers heterogeneous storage management made simple. It provides critical system analysis and optimization capabilities that enhance your IBM FlashSystem experience, such as: 

  • A single dashboard so you can see the status of all your block storage at a glance. 
  • System information gathered from approximately 23 million data points so you can make better, more informed decisions. 
  • AI-enhanced analytics that leverage knowledge from over two exabytes of storage under management to better predict and help prevent problems before they impact your business. 
  • When support is needed, the ability to easily open a ticket, upload log information and view open tickets. 
  • Detailed configuration data available to IBM specialists to help close tickets quickly. 
  • Quick and easy to set up and requires no ongoing software maintenance.  

Discover FlashSystem Family Offerings 

One platform to simplify your storage 

IBM FlashSystem 5000: Easy-to-buy, easy-to-deploy and easy-to-grow hybrid storage solutions designed to enable organizations to overcome their storage challenges with advanced functionality at entry-level pricing. 

IBM FlashSystem 5100: NVMe accelerated performance designed to deliver wide-ranging functionality including AI-based management in affordable storage solutions. 

IBM FlashSystem 7200: Highly scalable, end-to-end NVMe storage solution with optional hybrid-flash expansions designed with enterprise-class features that include extensive AI- based storage resource management, predictive analytics and automated data placement.  

IBM FlashSystem 9200: End-to-end NVMe optimized in a system designed for the most demanding enterprise requirements, with comprehensive storage functionality and highest levels of performance that allows to easily add in the multicloud solutions that best support your most critical workloads.  

IBM FlashSystem 9200R: Based on IBM FlashSystem 9200, IBM FlashSystem 9200R is designed for clients needing an IBM built, IBM tested complete storage system delivered assembled, with installation and configuration completed by IBM, delivering ultra-high throughput and NVMe-optimized flash performance.  

The FlashSystem family provides especially powerful solutions with comprehensive storage services and multiple all-flash and hybrid-flash options, offering feature-rich, affordable, enterprise-grade storage solutions for the cognitive business looking to grow and thrive. Discover how IBM Storage can help you optimize your data infrastructure. 

Contact us for more information on how the IBM FlashSystem Family can help support the future of your business.