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The New Surface Pro built for Business.

Microsoft has announced a new Surface Pro 7 Plus (SP7+) device specifically designed for business. The SP7+ features the latest 11th generation Intel Core Processors, a 32GB of memory option, as well as optional LTE Advanced connectivity in certain models. Users will also enjoy a 15 hour battery life, up from 11 hours in the previous SP7 model, which is partly due to higher efficiency processor from Intel.

Built for Business – IT Departments rejoice!

IT departments favour devices that ultimately make their job less time consuming and fickle. The pandemic has surfaced numerous challenges for deployment in business that has fallen onto the backs of IT teams across the globe. The SP7+ addresses a lot of these problems through careful consideration within the design.

Connectivity, Anywhere.

Microsoft’s built-in LTE Advanced truly gives power to the user to work from anywhere. Connectivity has been a big issue, especially in remote areas; where internet service providers are moving quickly to enhance their coverage. While not all the SP7+ models come with LTE, users have the option for flexible budgets as required by businesses.

Zero-Touch Deployment

The SP7+ is a business machine, which means it runs on Windows 10 Professional and allows IT teams to take advantage of Windows Autopilot. Deployments can now be a simplified processes through leveraging Microsoft’s Azure AD and InTune MDM (Mobile Device Management) technology. This eliminates the need to manually image devices; applying all settings, policies and applications into a “business ready” state for the end user.

Removable Solid-State Drive

New in the SP7+ is the ability to remove the solid-state drive. Normally, these are soldered onto the system board and have obstructed businesses that handle sensitive data. Now, a qualified IT technician is able to access the drive, which helps as an extra layer of security for observing data retention policies.


The Microsoft SP7+ is a business-focused device that both IT departments and their end users will enjoy.