Cloud Services with Data Integrity

Cloud computing is the latest evolution in computing. Most organizations are evaluating or have already implemented a form of cloud computing to some degree. Whether it is transitioning your email application to a cloud-based solution or implementing a new application in a SaaS model, cloud computing solutions are here to stay.

Companies that transition to the cloud not only shift their capital expenditures to operational expenditures, but also offload the performance risk to the expertise of a 3rd party provider. These benefits allow your company’s resources to be utilized on more core business opportunities. Data Integrity is positioned to help you realize these advantages and more.


Cloud BUaaS

Simplify your backup and
recovery processes to ensure
your data is always protected.

Cloud DRaaS

In today’s always-on world,
disaster recovery is no longer a
luxury you can do without.

AIX Cloud

Eliminate AIX cost and complexity
by moving on-premise workloads
and applications to our AIX Cloud Service.