Cloud computing is the latest evolution in computing. Most organizations are evaluating or have already implemented a form of cloud computing to some degree. Whether it is transitioning your email application to a cloud-based solution or implementing a new application in a SaaS model, cloud computing solutions are here to stay.

Companies that transition to the cloud not only shift their capital expenditures to operational expenditures, but also offload the performance risk to the expertise of a 3rd party provider. These benefits allow your company’s resources to be utilized on more core business opportunities. Data Integrity is positioned to help you realize these advantages and more.

AIX Cloud Service

IBM’s AIX and Power Technology are an integral platform for mission-critical production applications, processing billions of customer transactions and payments every month. Supporting AIX in the traditional on-premise manner is costly, challenging to resource, slow to deploy, and hinders growth. Now you can eliminate AIX complexity by moving workloads and applications to the Data Integrity AIX Cloud.

Data Integrity, in partnership with Terago Networks, provides Canada’s first AIX Cloud Service that lets you rapidly access Power System and AIX resources as needed, at a fraction of the cost of on-premise solutions.  Managed and operated by Data Integrity, the AIX Cloud Service is deployed in Terago’s Tier3 Data Center in Mississauga.

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Cloud Managed Backup and Recovery

Many organizations are still tied to legacy backup and recovery solutions that are too complex and costly for today’s business requirements. With the reduced cost of internet bandwidth and new technologies that improve the data transmission security and overall data compression, the cloud is now a more viable option for data backup.

Data Integrity’s new Cloud Managed Backup and Recovery solution—designed in collaboration with IBM and EVault (application software)—transitions your backup and recovery needs to the cloud and is managed and supported by experts at Data Integrity. Backup and restoring data is simple using the EVault Cloud application. The disaster recovery option provides you with a comprehensive solution to your overall backup and recovery needs. All of this is structured in a managed services contract from Data Integrity.

  • Fixed-term contracts with OPEX model
  • Managed by Data Integrity
  • Free up scarce internal resources for other priorities
  • An integrated disaster recovery option in the cloud
  • No more ongoing software licensing costs and compliance risks
  • No more costly on-premises disk and/or tape infrastructures (CAPEX)
  • Eliminate off-site backup tape programs