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MDM: Work from Anywhere

In the early days of the pandemic, we saw a quick shift around the world in business and workplace culture. This swift digital transformation put pounds of pressure on IT teams everywhere; opting teams to deploy laptops over desktops, headsets over handsets, and a push to work from home over the cubicle.

Companies who embraced this before the pandemic have benefitted from the flexibility it has afforded their organization. Not only have they been able to continue to service their clients, but their internal teams can work from anywhere.

One important part that has helped this digital transformation is known as Mobile Device Management. MDM allows IT teams to actively and easily manage their devices that they have deployed within their organization. This allows for flexibility and control over every aspect of deployment, from employee accounts, to restrictions, application installs and network configuration.

Both Microsoft and Apple have developed tools for IT to streamline the deployment process. Windows Autopilot and Apple Business Manager respectively give employee’s an out of box experience with their device with required business applications and content ready to go without any manual configuration.

This technology ultimately opens up more opportunities for businesses. The pandemic may have changed how we operate a business, but business leaders need to be agile in order to move forward with continued success.