As today’s businesses enter the age of big data and cloud, they find themselves faced with new data and storage challenges. Information is being generated at an unprecedented pace.

Our experts are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry, providing our clients valuable advice on the strengths and weaknesses of various storage platforms. Depending on your needs, we can assist you from the initial assessment to post-implementation support, including smooth migration services.

Storage Assessments

To help you gain a clear view into your storage infrastructure, Data Integrity offers insightful storage assessments. We start with installing tools into your environment that will gather baseline information on utilization, capacities, and data protection. This will be compared to your current and future business storage objectives.

After identifying any current gaps to achieving your objectives, our team will outline options that could address them. The final deliverable will include a documentation of your current environment, recommendations for future environments, and a roadmap to accomplish your objectives.

Storage Infrastructure Solutions

Data Integrity provides storage solutions that help increase the reliability, availability, and efficiency of storage environments. We partner with leading storage manufacturers (including IBM and HDS) and build solutions around tiered storage. These solutions ensure your company is storing the right data on the right platform to provide data accessibility and protection based on your specific needs.

From traditional direct-attached storage and flash based storage, to virtualization layers and disk or tape-based backup and recovery solutions, we offer industry-leading storage technologies that are backed by our certified storage consultants.

Business Continuity

Keeping every aspect of your company’s operations up and running is critical, and IT plays a key role. Protected, available, and recoverable systems and data minimize the risk of data loss during planned or unplanned outages. The key to ensuring operational continuity is knowing your IT environment is protected by timely backups, is accessible anytime, and complies with an evolving set of regulations.

Data Integrity provides a number of backup and recovery solutions based on disk-to-disk and disk-to-tape architectures and enterprise-class applications, which include IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. Depending on your backup, restore, and disaster recovery needs, we tailor the solution for the applications, databases, operating systems, servers, and storage devices in your environment.