Ensure your data is always protected.

Your data is the lifeblood of your business. What would happen if your critical business applications and workloads were not available? Even the most vigilant organizations are at risk of data loss, and losing critical business data can spell disaster for a company.

Data Integrity’s Managed Backup Service provides a complete backup and recovery solution for your business data in the cloud. Managed Backup is a flexible solution that supports multi-cloud strategies with support for AWS, Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud.

Simplify your backup and recovery processes to ensure your data is always protected.

Managed Backup Service provides your business:

  • Access to our skilled engineers without the cost of managing your own team
  • Zero investment in your own expensive backup infrastructure
  • Continuous Monitoring to make sure your backups are running smoothly
  • The ability to free up scarce resources
  • Decreased administrative costs

IT Organizations need simple, flexible storage infrastructures with the tools that optimize and simplify operations today, and make it easier to integrate new on-premise technologies and cloud services in the future.

Source: ESG IBM Storwize V5000 Infographic, 2019. Read the infographic to learn more.

Top Storage Pain Points

Source: 451 Research Infographic, 2018. Read the infographic to learn more.

Data /Capacity Growth


 Meeting Disaster Recovery Requirements


High Cost of Storage (capex)


Delivering Adequate Storage Performance


Availability in the Age of the Cloud

Data is the lifeblood of most businesses, and it’s everybody’s job to protect it. On the other hand, it’s IT’s job to know how to protect it.

In this age of the cloud, how safe are your mission-critical functions? Do you have a disaster recovery plan? How often do you revisit that plan? How often is it updated? Does everyone know what to do in the event of an emergency?

We don’t want to scare you, but this eGuide will help you to answer some of these questions.

CXO Research: Challenges, Costs and Benefits of Cloud Data Management.

Download the infographic.

Smart Storwize Solutions with Enterprise-Class Capability.

Download the IBM infographic.