eProcurement Platform

Data Integrity has developed expertise that extends your ERP and delivers a customized eProcurement shopping experience. In a secure and controlled environment, your users add items to their shopping carts through a familiar and easy-to-use interface. When they wish to complete the transaction, they simply check out. Instead of a payment transaction, the shopping cart is transferred to your company’s portal for processing following your workflow rules.

Through this workflow, you are now in complete control of departmental budgets and purchasing limits. By processing transactions through a series of approval queues, this solution frees procurement to focus on more productive activities.

Faculty Computer Program (Computer Renewal Program CRP)

A computer renewal program allows your end users to choose from a variety of standardized desktop and laptop bundles that meet their needs. Having a landscape of different devices to support creates challenges for IT departments.

The reality is that not all users fit into the same box. By predetermining and authorizing choices, your users can select their best options while maintaining overall version control. Though computers in any organization vary widely, your team can control the models that are acquired.

Experience has shown us that our clients are most satisfied when they have full lifecycle management. Data Integrity’s service combines purchase and end-of-life forecasting with a computer renewal program. When it is time to decommission old hardware, we provide secure data destruction, and eco-friendly recycling and reporting.

York University

Data Integrity has proudly been serving the York University community for over 15 years. York University was an early Canadian adopter of the Syquest eProcurement platform. Data Integrity was invited to join in the beta program integration. On campus, the private webstore we maintain is known as SmartBuy. Today, we host over 30,000 individual SKUs on their private platform.

Data Integrity also serves the University campus community with a retail presence located in the York Lanes Mall.