The traditional on-premise backup and recovery architecture is both costly and complex. With Data Integrity’s new solution in the IBM Cloud, your architecture transitions into the next generation of enterprise backup and recovery solutions. Whether your platforms are running Windows, Linux, UNIX, or OS400, we protect and manage your data in the cloud simply, securely, and reliably.

Our Cloud Managed Backup and Recovery solution is designed in collaboration with IBM Resiliency Services. It utilizes EVault® Software, which is designed to transition your backup and recovery needs to the cloud. EVault® disk-to-disk backup technology replicates your critical data to offsite vaults, with leading end-to-end encryption and advanced compression that reduces the burden on bandwidth considerations.

There’s also the Cloud Disaster Recovery Option that allows you to identify your disaster recovery needs by server and application within your RTO and RPO requirements. Your environment is brought up for you at the time of a disaster recovery test or a real disaster situation. You can then focus on ensuring your end users are prepared to resume business in the cloud environment.

Another important aspect of our solution is “We Manage It For You.” Monitoring and management tools are deployed across the backup vaults to ensure that backups are completed and running smoothly, with alerts generated that experts from Data Integrity address.

With the Disaster Recovery Option, our experts restore your environment for you in the cloud in accordance to your pre-defined Run Book and RTO requirements. We also review the program with you monthly to ensure that changes to your environment are properly reflected in your backup and recovery program.

Some of the benefits include:

  • OPEX vs CAPEX based model (with fixed term contracts)
  • Managed by Data Integrity, which frees up scarce internal resources for other priorities
  • An integrated disaster recovery option, as we bring your environment up in the cloud
  • No more ongoing or annual software licensing costs and compliance risks
  • No more costly on-premises disk and/or tape infrastructures (CAPEX)
  • Eliminated offsite backup tape programs
  • Reduced compliance risk with industry and corporate government requirements

The solution is delivered in the form of a fixed term service contract (typically 36 months) that varies based on the amount and type of data backed up.